How to Break The Link Between Depression and Anxiety

depression supplements break the link with anxiety

During my research career, I worked with many hundreds of people suffering from both depression and anxiety . Some of them take natural depression supplements ,some do not ,but in most cases people see the two issues of depression and anxiety as mutually exclusive; however both depression and anxiety often go hand in hand. More than half the people diagnosed with depression, also have anxiety. Living with either of them is tough . Both of them together are harder to diagnose, harder to treat and hardest to live with.

Depression causes people to feel lonely, helpless and hopeless. Anxiety makes them agitated and overwhelmed by physical symptoms; for instance: a pounding heart, tightness in the chest, and difficulty breathing. The combination of the two can be very frightening.

In order to provide some help for depression and anxiety it is useful to take a reccommended depression supplement formula to correct the nutrient balance in the nervous system and then to calmly try to create a list of triggers that you feel make you depressed or anxious .This list will be unique to you but once you are aware of situations or circumstances that trigger mental turbulence , the more able you will be to isolate them from your mindset.

Some common causes of depression and anxiety

• Trigger Situations- Having conflicts at work or school, or strained relationships with family and friends.

• Major changes in life- for example, divorce, death of a dear one, losing a job etc.

• Trauma- Surviving an accident, or being a victim of post traumatic stress often leads to depression and anxiety

• Chemical Imbalance – Excessive use of alcohol and drugs can especially lead to this and while dealing with drug and alcohol abuse is a specialist area and needs careful monitoring , non standard mental impairment can be corrected with the use of naturally occuring anti depression vitamins found in the most effective depression supplements. Amino acids like L-Theanine or L-Carnatine are particularly effective as a natural mood enhancer

• Family History- People with anxiety and depression running in the family are more likely to suffer from them as well

• Physical illness- long term illness- e.g. HIV Aids, or Cancer, or being physically impaired

• Of course many women suffer from anxiety and depression during and after pregnancy.
Some common symptoms of depression and anxiety

An understanding of the triggers that are causing your anxiety and depression is vital but this it is also important to know if the symptoms you are experiencing are solely due to anxiety and depression or other factors. People who have either or both depression and anxiety attacks often feel fatigued without a reason, have unexplained aches and pains, experience changes in sleeping patterns – either sleeping a lot or not sleeping at all, have trouble concentrating, feel restless and irritable. Furthermore, they often feel tense and jumpy, imagine the worst scenarios, and feel their mind going blank.

Small steps every-day to help anxiety and depression go away

What I have always told the many people who come to me for advice for anxiety is that if you feel you are having an anxiety attack take deep breath and tell yourself you are going to be OK. Really feel that you will be OK – because you will be.It is essential to stay calm. However, do not take several breaths as you may hyperventilate. Secondly and with a more medium term horizon is to start to make some changes in your lifestyle; exercise daily, at least thirty minutes. It helps to relax all tense muscles, release endorphins and calms the mind. Exercise not only aids cure anxiety and depression but other health related as well. You can do yoga too. Eat healthy food; get lots of rest and keep yourself busy. Take small steps. Try doing a small thing every day; this will give you the confidence to do big ones.

Sam Jansen is a leading brain scientist, lawyer and author, studying neuroscience, social behaviors and the science of happiness.You can find him at Google+

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3 Responses to How to Break The Link Between Depression and Anxiety

  1. Tommy says:

    I have wanted to post a thank you , this piece on how to help my panic attacks go away has given me hope that i can cure myself without taking drugs .Cheers.

  2. Nancy says:

    Hey Brainsmart , Inspiring article , i never knew that depression could be beaten by diet and excercise.I suppose that when i feel depressed i cannot see a way out .Is there where meditation helps?

  3. Louise Donahoe says:

    Hello there, simply turned into aware of your blog thru Google, and found that it is really informative and helpfull for my own deteriorating mood states . A lot of other folks will be benefiting from your writing im sure. Cheers!

    Louise D

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