Brain Nutrition 101 – How to Improve Your Brain Performance Naturally

Brain Nutrition

The Importance of Brain Nutrition – You Are What You Eat

The past three decades have seen significant advances in neuroscience, brain scanning technologies and in our understanding of how the human brain works and the importance of correct brain nutrition. We now know that what the brain needs to perform at its optimal best is the correct balance of nutrients and amino acids to support healthy neurotransmitter production and distribution throughout the nervous system.

Unfortunately most modern diets are unable to deliver the correct balance of amino acids and other essential nutrients required for maximum brain performance, the irony being that the now more than ever, our brains need much more processing power to be able to be competitive in this always on, 24-hour non-stop, world we all live in today.

It is for this reason that more and more people around the globe are now turning to using natural brain supplements that deliver the correct balance of brain supporting elements effectively and safely into the body.

This increase in demand has been driven in part by our increased understanding of the effects and roles of different nutrients in balancing the brain-body axis which in turn has allowed us to identify specific amino acids and essential minerals that must be included in the diets of anyone serious about improving their brain performance and protecting their brain as they age.

The Importance of Water – You Think What You Drink

The human brain is a remarkable organ and one that that is central to the proper functioning of the body, the mind, and the nervous system. The average human brain takes up just 2% of body mass but consumes a phenomenal 20% of all energy and resources. This ratio demonstrates the importance of the brain in terms of its relative size the rest of the body.

In addition to its disproportionate energy consumption compared to its weight the human brain is also approximately 85% water and research has shown that let the levels of brain processing ability reduce in relatively equal proportion to the amount of water in the body.

Typically the advice is to drink a litre to a litre and a half of water every day of the reality is that once know is when one is dehydrated the trick is not to consume sugary drinks, our car or any other kind of liquids that can take the place of good old-fashioned water when you’re dehydrated.

Stay Smart by Eating Smart

The path to perfect brain nutrition does not need to be a complex or arduous one. There are a large amount of commonly found foods that contain all the essential nutrients and amino acids the brain needs to perform at its best.

Eat More Fish

Omega three has been in and out of the news for years, quite frankly research is divided, yet anecdotal evidence over the past 2 1/2 decades show’s that those individuals whose diets are rich in fatty fish containing omega threes are likely to live longer ,with healthier brains, than those individuals whose diets do not. Eat more fresh fish.

Eat More Nuts

As with the Mediterranean diet described above, that is one that is rich in Omega three, research or so and show that individuals whose diets are rich in beans ,legumes, blue green algae and other oxygen bearing pulses are less likely to experience declines in memory as they get older.

L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine & Other Essential Antioxidants

Perhaps one of the most important amino acids for regulating mood by increasing neurotransmitter activity and serotonin is L- Tryptophan and L-Thanine. Commonly found in bananas and chocolate, L-Tryptophan is vital for mood regulation. It is no coincidence that researchers show the most popular shopping items in a typical grocery shop are bananas and chocolate. L-Trypthopan can also be found in most leading natural health food shops around the country. L-Theanine on the other hand has been shown in many research studies to be extremely useful in protecting memory particularly in ageing adults. Diets that have no red meat or fresh fish may be lacking in L-Thanine and in this instance it will be recommended to use brain supplements.

The Path to Perfect Brain Nutrition Need Not Be Difficult

As you can see the advice the perfect brain health through brain nutrition is surprisingly simple, be more aware of what you eat , take steps to correct any nutritional deficiencies in your diet, drink more water, eat more fish containing omega threes, raw vegetables fruit and nuts. Make these changes are your daily routine repetition is the mother of invention here.

Finally it is important to remember that while brain nutrition is essential becomes an even more potent force in protecting and improving your brain performance when used in conjunction with regular physical activity of aerobic nature, a healthy maintaining of social circles and continuously challenging your brain with new ways of behaviour and exercise.

Sam Jansen is a leading brain scientist, lawyer and author, studying neuroscience, social behaviors and the science of happiness.You can find him at Google+

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